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Industry Solutions

Elite Tech assists a wide variety of industries nationwide for all of your mobility needs.


Health Care

The use of mobile devices by health care professionals (HCPs) has transformed many aspects of clinical practice.Mobile devices have become commonplace in health care settings, leading to rapid growth in the development of medical software applications (apps) on these devices. Elite Tech partners with HCP clients and App developers to provide the necessary equipment, configuration and logistical requirements.

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Small Business

Our business continuity options will keep your business connected when your main source goes down maximizing uptime for businesses that require always-on connectivity. All of our clients can take advantage of our wholesale offers regardless of the business size or quantity of devices needed. 


Rugged devices are known for their robust hardware. Therefore, even when it is used in the most demanding environments. For example, on a construction site, you can expect your rugged mobile device to work. This is important especially if your team relies on connectivity to complete job orders. Rugged devices have helped a lot of industries achieve mobility as it is a reliable to that ensures continuous connections. Complete solutions to connect your site available.

Information Technology

Software providers have enough to figure out on their end, so they leave the hardware logistics to us. We provide complete support from testing phase to device roll out and continued hardware support through out. 



Governments sectors use network data to improve infrastructure, transportation, and public safety. Connecting schools, buses, cities and people to ensure an overall better quality of life for the public. Having the right equipment  is imperative to meeting today's changing demands

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Whether you want to monitor the activity of a small or large fleet,

our fleet tracking management system uses GPS tracking to provide the tools you need to manage your vehicles. 

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What’s your biggest mobility challenge?

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